Destination Unknown, Start Here:

{3-Day Journey to Jumpstart your next Adventure} 

If you think the “unknown” is dangerous, try routine; now that’s deadly. Yet, without a guarantee or a predictable outcome in your daily life, often you retreat to the familiar, decline a new opportunity, or worse, suffer crippling overwhelming fears: fear of failure, fear of right timing, fear of rejection and even fear of success. I just can't let that happen to you one more day, which is why I’ve created this 3-day journey to help you EXPERIENCE THE PATH FORWARD WITH FEARLESSNESS, FAITH AND FUN!!!!

  • Dare to Dream Beyond Your Imagination.
  • Dare to Life Differently Daily, Not Just On Vacation, Weekends and Holidays
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Here’s what you can expect from our 3-day journey:

Day 1: 


It is absolutely possible to live the life you really want - to achieve your dreams and desires - and to make the difference in the world you were born to make.  You CAN make your life matter. It’s not a secret…it’s a formula!

Day 2: 


It’s not about fitting into anyone else’s mold; It about accepting how we are molded and doing everything we can to fill the mold in which we were given at birth. What factors, what ingredients are specific for our model to make it solid!

Day 3: 


Let me assure you, you can absolutely achieve EXPERIENCE list dreams, but you need to do more than simply talk about it.  Following the goal setting strategies I will teach you, will help you turn “I’ve always wanted to…” into “Remember when…”

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Experiencing your greatest F*It moments is not a spectator sport.

Someday is TODAY!!!

We fuel our bodies with food, minds with education, hearts with love, yet we forget to include new experiences that recharge soul and renew our spirt to living full-out beyond our biggest dreams, wishes and visions

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