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World Traveler, Podcaster, Amazon Bestselling Author,
Empowerment Coach and a No-Nonsense Astrologer, Julie Zolfo is an unconventional and multifaceted accomplished solopreneur for over 15 years. Her
unique approach to personal development and empowerment, which combines her 30 years of extensive work in corporate talent development with transformational disciplines and human potential expertise, sets her apart in the travel
transformational and personal growth industry.


Through her incorporation of life coaching, emotional
intelligence, astrology, forest bathing, and adventure travel, Julie offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to assisting women over 40 to boldly step
out of their comfort zones. This approach not only empowers her clients but also guides them to surpass self-imposed limitations, enabling them to lead a life that's not only fulfilling but also expansive and enriching.


Julie's overarching mission and life's work is to ignite the spark that encourages people to view each day as an ongoing adventure. She emphasizes that even the seemingly ordinary experiences can hold tremendous
value, rivaling the significance of traditional travel. This shift in perspective has the potential to enhance various aspects of life, including careers, relationships, spirituality, and personal and emotional well-being.

Basing herself in the picturesque mountain town of Bend, Oregon, aligns perfectly with Julie's philosophy of embracing the outdoors and exploring nature. Her physical environment serves as a supportive backdrop for her private coaching, group seminars, and upcoming travel adventures.