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Ready to take your team to the next level?

Renew the passion and enthusiasm in your employees
Inspire initiative, innovation and creativity

Our corporate programs leave you and your team empowered with tools, techniques and strategies to connect to a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your work together.

Culture and team building experiences have been proven to have a positive impact on productivity, revenue growth and employee satisfaction.

Together, you’ll discover what inspires each of you as players on the same team. Through workshops or multi-day experiential events, you’ll be able to clearly identify what’s been holding you and your team back from your full potential.

Below are the most popular keynote presentations that have workshop or training add on component. Optional assessments, ongoing development and coaching support can be a separate, stand-alone program or training, as well.

Energetic Choices

Discover How Temperament, Not Titles, Produce Extraordinary Results

The Passion Test

Align Your Life with What Matters Most

Mastery of Self Love

Love Who You Are Deeply, Fully, Completely

Energy Leadership Assessment

Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life From the Core.

Miracles in the Endzone

Turn Your Average Players into Elite Performers

Traveler's Heart Mindset

Experience the Fullness and Variety of Life, With or Without a Passport

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