Pronounced “ARK-uh-type”
A universal character who reflects our most fundamental ways of being in the world

Which Archetype is Blocking Your Path to Fulfillment?

My 25 years of work in personal development as a corporate coach and solopreneur has help me discovered that there are four troublesome mindset patterns that keep women stuck in a holding pattern or worse move them further away from what they truly desire to experience, achieve and feel.

I coined these four behavioral patterns NEMESIS ARCHETYPES and branded them as such:
Reluctant Conformist
The Seeker
Repeat Offender
The Invisible Woman

By taking my proprietary archetype assessment, you will:
  • First identify which NEMESIS ARCHETYPE is limiting you from experiencing a better, bolder life. (Warning: There could be one then one nemesis derailing you).
  • Second you will discover your ALLY ARCHETYPE and the special strengths it offers to propel you on your path of fulfillment, fun and fearlessness in all that you do next.
  • Third you learn NEW ACTIONS to help you finally create that bigger, bolder life you are worthy and deserving of living.


Like many of you, I spent years checking off boxes on the standard to-do list of external achievement and success. But what I found was I was far from happy, longing for a life far beyond the one I was living. That gnawing sense that there was more for my life than what I was living wouldn’t let up. Ironically, it was through daring to leave all of the pieces of my life that were supposed to bring me happiness, that I found the deepest level of fulfillment.

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