Become Fearlessly You! 


Do you have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake? 


In this 12-week program, you will learn to how to make courage choices easily, turn current frustrations into inspired doable actions and experience a new reality that is filled with EXPLORATION, JOY, LOVE and MEANING.

Are you ready to experience magic and miracles by taking that first step towards a world you have yet to experience for yourself…up until now?

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Destination No Fear

This 12-week Program will help you:

  • Discover your PASSION and purpose so you can experience what truly matter to you daily.
  • Regulate the ENERGY you use when you approach life’s choices and perceive what is possible.
  • Become CRYSTAL CLEAR about exactly what it is that you want.... all choices become simplified.
  • Develop your COURAGE, become comfortable taking risks and leap into the unknown with curiosity, excitement, and trust.
  • COMMIT to living your daily life in the most fulfilling and gratifying ways.
  • Let go of your EXPECTATIONS and live life as an adventure, embracing whatever happens.
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Learn how to make conscious, deliberate choices based on following your passion, increasing your awareness, maintaining an optimistic outlook, and accepting the consequences of your choices. When you make a conscious, deliberate choice, you find that all choices become peaceful ones. No more agonizing over every possible outcome of every choice you ever make! 

Here are just a few long-lasting benefits that your conscious, deliberate choice will provide:

  • You will feel a greater sense of adventure, joy, purpose, and fulfillment.
  • You will improve and increase your confidence in unfamiliar experiences.
  • You’ll be able to make quick, decisive decisions ...without regret, guilt, or worries.
  • You will live from I GET TO rather than I SHOULD DO.
  • You will uncover your sense of purpose and meaning for your life.
  • You will have clearer insight on what you want from your life.
  • Your will enjoy life more and stress less.
  • You will know the immense joy of daring to fully experience a dangling dream.
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3 Modules, 12 weeks

Explore & Become Fearlessly Focused

  1. Take inventory on your life, notice where you are not 100% satisfied, and declare what you want.
  2. Re-discover your desires and dreams; Re-examine what “lights your fire” and gets you excited!
  3. Increase your emotional energy capacity so you can take positive, purposeful action with ease.
  4. Identify old patterns of thinking and behaviors that stop you from experiencing new experiences.
  5. Create a bold vision for your life with a SMARTER plan that calls in endless freedom and curiosity.

Experience & Become Fearlessly Confident

  1. Cast off your fears, doubts, and all restrictions hindering your willingness to do your life differently.
  2. Identify your current "emotional rules" and how they may be costing your success at work or home.
  3. Understand how your EQ, not IQ, greatly impacts your potential for new escapades and experiences.
  4. Refocus your thoughts with self-enhancing beliefs that support your goals rather than defeat them.
  5. Learn a new way to manage life when the unplanned things happen...and they will.

Expand & Become Fearlessly Fearless

  1. Identify what "fires" will you have walk across to make success you.
  2. Create a strategic attraction plan through the power of intention and inspired action.
  3. Go deeper into your mindset to break through self-imposed limits.
  4. Discover the four degrees of experiences and their impact on creating your new reality.
  5. The Fearless Test: Discover the thrill of taking bold action or the cost of living stuck, stale, and stagnant.

May 10th - August 7th 2022

Live Classes Every Tuesday and Thursday 

Note: Two Week Travel Break: June 21st - July 7th


"If you want a sure thing - if you want someone to take you through the minefields of your limiting beliefs and show you how to really love yourself fully - someone who knows what it means to live a passionate life - Julie's the sure thing."

- Janet Brat Attwood, NYT Bestselling Author of The Passion Test.

Next Steps...

Dare to activate your dreams ASAP! How you "play" here will be a strong indicator as to how you will play, moving forward, in the game of life. Whether you are seeking personal changes or career opportunities, it all starts with focused choices to empower your emotions and actions to create your very best results!

Are you ready to get in the game, play full out and stay curious to what you haven’t yet experienced …until today?

 Schedule time to speak with Julie today on a Big Leap Call to discuss how to get started on becoming fearlessly you. On that call we confirm what your next steps can be if you are willing to do one part - or every part - of your life differently. It’s time!

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