is the Pathway to Transformation




What if there was a way to experience daily life

with the same curiosity, confidence and

joy you felt through new adventures?


Adventure awaits you. You have a big bucket list item and could benefit from support to navigate the unfamiliar and uncertain new territory. I got you!



You don't need to struggle one more moment alone to regain your footing after a big life stage change or simply re-entering reality after time away for personal reasons. I got you!

After working with people around the world...

I’ve learned that everyone has one or more things on their wish list

that they really want to do and experience ... but don't make it happen.
That's no longer an option!

I'm here to ensure your biggest dreams and wishes are experieced, fullout!

I'm Transforming Lives through Travel Experiences Starting with Tanzania in March 2024

Kilimanjaro, Safari, Zanzibar and More!


Become Fearlessly Focused


Become Fearlessly Confident


Become Fearlessly Fearless

"It took traveling far from home to return home to myself." - Julie A Zolfo


We all have a traveler living inside of us whose sole purpose is to help us escape from what we know, so we can see and experience life from a different perspective.

What experiences would you have more of if you risked following where your traveler's heart wanted to lead you, right now?

It's Time to Follow Your Traveler's H.E.A.R.T. AND...

  • Break free from fear, so you can trust your gut instincts and intuition.

  • Break free from mistakes, so you can learn from every opportunity.

  • Break free from being perfect, so you can, so you can focus on progres.

  • Break free from self-doubt, so you can confidently follow your passions.

  • Break free from what is comfortable, so you can be deliberately daring.

  • Break free from the approval of others, so you can honor and respect your dreams, wishes and desires.

Your greatest fulfillment will only be achieved when you have the clarity, commitment and courage to choose in favor of your deepest desires, audaciously!

Here are just a few of the long-lasting benefits that await you when you risk following where your heart wants to lead you:

  • You will feel a greater sense of adventure, joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

  • You will improve and increase your confidence in unfamiliar experiences.

  • You’ll learn to make quick, decisive decisions ...without regret, guilt, or worries.

  • You will live from I GET TO rather than I SHOULD DO.

  • You will uncover your sense of purpose and meaning for your life.

  • You will have clearer insight on what you want from your life.

  • Your will enjoy life more and stress less.

  • You will know the immense joy of daring to fully experience a dangling dream.

Living the Traveler's H.E.A.R.T.

Destination, No Fear

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New in 2024 Tanzania East Africa

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Inward Journey

& Integration

  • Connection

  • Curiosity

  • Courage

  • Clarity

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