is the Pathway to Transformation




What if there was a way to experience daily life

with the same curiosity, confidence and

joy you receive through new adventures?


Adventure awaits you. You have a big bucket list item and you could use a little support to navigate this unfamiliar territory.




I began talking to people about their re-entry home after a major travel or life experience, and I learned that people like me struggle when they came home to find their footing and re-enter life.

After working with people around the world...

of all ages and genders, I’ve learned that everyone has one thing on their list that they really want to do, places they want to go... but they are terrified. You may call it a Bucket List.

I call it a G.O.A.T. list.

I'm Transforming Lives through Experiences


Become Fearlessly Focused


Become Fearlessly Confident


Become Fearlessly Fearless

"It took traveling far from home to return home to myself." - Julie A Zolfo


I've learned that a majority of people don't realize they can live their lives as if they just came back from an amazing adventure.

They come home from an amazing vacation, for example, and DREAD going back to the daily grind.


Travel has a remarkable way to help you see the world outside the comforts of what you already know. Travel also transforms you on the inside helping to unpack parts of yourself you lost connection with, never fully celebrated or discovered for the first time. By integrating travel’s most invaluable lessons, wisdoms, and insights back home you significantly increase your chances to experience a ridiculously fulfilling life, daily long after the plane has landed and you have packed away the suitcases …

until your next trip.

“A mind that stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.” ~Oliver Wendel Homes, Jr


What if you could live your life as if you were on a permanent vacation?

Unpack Your Travels

  • Discover your PASSION and purpose so you can experience what truly matter to you daily.

  • Regulate the ENERGY you use when you approach life’s choices and perceive what is possible.

  • Become CRYSTAL CLEAR about exactly what it is that you want.... all choices become simplified.

  • Develop your COURAGE, become comfortable taking risks and leap into the unknown with curiosity, excitement, and trust.

  • COMMIT to living your daily life in the most fulfilling and gratifying ways.

  • Let go of your EXPECTATIONS and live life as an adventure, embracing whatever happens.

Your greatest fulfillment will only be achieved when you have the clarity, commitment and courage to choose in favor of your deepest desires, audaciously!

Here are just a few of the long-lasting benefits that your conscious, deliberate choice will provide when you sign up for my coaching program:

  • You will feel a greater sense of adventure, joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

  • You will improve and increase your confidence in unfamiliar experiences.

  • You’ll learn to make quick, decisive decisions ...without regret, guilt, or worries.

  • You will live from I GET TO rather than I SHOULD DO.

  • You will uncover your sense of purpose and meaning for your life.

  • You will have clearer insight on what you want from your life.

  • Your will enjoy life more and stress less.

  • You will know the immense joy of daring to fully experience a dangling dream.

Living the Traveler's H.E.A.R.T.

Destination, No Fear

VIP Immersion Experience

Where To

Outward Journey & Adventure

  • Explore

  • Experiment

  • Experience

  • Expand

  • Evolve

3-6 Month Coaching

What's Next

Inward Journey

& Integration

  • Connection

  • Curiosity

  • Courage

  • Clarity

  • Co-Create

3-6 Month Coaching

Travel Partners

Improve Your Customer's Experience

  • Tour Operators

  • Travel Agents

  • Pre & Post Trip Assessments

  • Retreats

  • Speaking

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The Traveler's Heart Podcast

Launched October 24, 2022

Unpacking the Traveler's Heart: A workbook to help you process and integrate back into life after a life changing experience

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