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Holistic Life Coaching

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This is the perfect place to begin if you:
  • Are feeling stuck, complacent, confused or hopeless
  • Doing work that feels empty, passionless, boring and uninspiring
  • Living a life where you feel invisible, insignificant, irrelevant, inferior or inconsolable

My clients are treated to a variety of healing and mindset modalities including, but not limited to, assessments, energy work, outdoor therapies, and astrology (optional) in combination with strategic coaching . This integrated approach helps transform your body, mind, and soul equally.
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Re-Assimilation & Travel Coaching 

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This is the perfect place to begin if you:
  • Experience more purpose and meaning from your upcoming travel experiences
  • Find your joy and confidence morphed into depression after returning home
  • Fear your time away has placed you at a disadvantage

Everyday life can be stressful and demotivating, especially after returning from an extended trip, sabbatical, or international volunteer assignment. I know this first- hand and I can help! Using a variety of assessments and transitional coaching techniques, my client gain the clarity and confidence needed to make courageous new choice that ignite their passion, fuel their fulfillment and expand new possibilities for what’s next.
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Career & Leadership Coaching

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This is the perfect place to begin if you:
  • Are looking for a way for your business to stand out from similar services
  • Are seeking clarity on making a major career decision
  • Are needing support transition from graduating from university to the workforce or from the corporate world to entrepreneurship

By identifying personal values and professional needs, my clients gain great clarity, quickly on what matters most to them in a career.
Together we create a strategic attraction plan that adds the details and action step to help my client make their big leap or transition into new rewarding career or opportunity.
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Workshops & Trainings

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Interactive and experiential workshops and trainings are available for individuals and organizations. Programs leave you armed with tools, techniques and strategies for taking action on what inspires, creating breakthroughs on what’s been holding you back and showing you new ways to experience living a fun and fulfilling life. Below are the most requested workshops which can be attended in-person or virtually. Please note that each workshop offers optional assessments, ongoing development and coaching support which can be a separate, stand-alone program or training, as well.
  • The Passion Test: Align Your Life with What Matters Most
  • Mastery of Self Love: Love Who You Are Deeply, Fully, Completely
  • Energy Leadership Assessment: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life From the Core.
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